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Are you facing foreclosure?


You May Have An Alternative.

There many hardships that can take the joy of homeownership away.  Divorce, death of a partner, loss of a job, medical bills or even an unexpected increase in monthly payments can all make paying your mortgage impossible.  You should know ignoring the bills won’t make them go away; it will only make matters worse.

If you need help there may be alternatives to foreclosure, but you may not be familiar with them or how to access them.  One alternative may be to work with your bank and another is a “short sale.”

A short sale is where a lender agrees to accept less than they are owed on the loan and the borrower is relieved of the obligation.  Lenders are willing to do this when it makes economic sense to them.  In other words they avoid the cost and problems associated with foreclosure and often end up taking less of a loss.  For the borrower, a short sale is less damaging to their credit.

If you would like to explore the possibility of a short sale for your property, stop the foreclosure, and potentially save your credit, please email or call me at 916 276-6883.  We have qualified short sale agents ready to help you.

For more detailed information about short sales and avoiding a foreclosure see our new Certified Distressed Property Expert site,

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Recent Short Sale and Foreclosure Articles by Julie Jalone

Short Sale Questions: The main stream media continues to be rich with stories about the struggling real estate market, here in the Sacramento area as well as across the country.  They generally revolve around the increasing number of foreclosures, the mortgage crisis and now some of the government programs that may or may not be any help.  What I am not seeing is any mention of short sales.   (more) 
Published February 10, 2008

Short Sales: Road to Riches?: With the changes in our Sacramento real estate market there has been an increase in foreclosures and I have been seeing advertisements and getting more questions about “short sales.” (more) 
Published June 13, 2007

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