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Articles by Julie Jalone
Sacramento Real Estate Agent
Below is a listing of articles written by Julie.  Click on (more) to read the full article.   If you are interested in my real estate column published by Rocklin & Roseville Today, check it out here.

Make your home purchase more affordable:  If you or someone you know is thinking about buying an older home make sure your Realtor and Lender are familiar with Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). Financing your home purchase with an EEM program doesn’t affect your income qualification, down payment or appraisal. (more) 
Published October 13, 2009

First-time home buyer's tax credit:  First-time home buyers who purchase homes before December 1, 2009 are eligible for a tax credit of up to $8,000.  To qualify the purchaser my not have owned a residence during the three years prior to the purchase. (more) 
Published March 20, 2009

Sacramento Homeowner's Beware:  With the recent rise in foreclosures, foreclosure-related scams have exploded onto the real estate scene. These so-called “foreclosure rescue companies” claim they will help save your home, but in reality are out to make a profit -- at your expense. (more) 
Published March 20, 2009

Sacramento Year-End Inventory:  It has been awhile since I have taken a good look and the number of homes on the market in the Sacramento area. According to HousingTracker there are approximately 12,628 homes “For Sale” as of mid-December. (more) 
Published Janurary 19, 2009

Countrywide Sucks!:  As a Realtor who has worked hard over the past two years to help sellers avoid foreclosure by doing short sales I can say, without a doubt in my mind or heart, Countrywide is the worst lender we deal with. They are slow, disorganized and cost themselves millions of dollars every month.
Published December 09, 2008

Is it a good time to buy a home in Sacramento?:  Guest  This is a series of five short articles designed to answer this question by asking, "Should you stay where you are, Are you financially prepared to be a homeowner, How much can you pay for a home, and Do you know what you want in a home?" (more) 
Published November 15, 2008

How the house rescue bill can help you:  Guest article by Louise Buford of Partner's Mortgage about he Housing Recovery Act of 2008. (more) 
Published July 10, 2008

Buying Bank Owned Properties: With as many lender-owned properties on the market here in the Sacramento area I thought a few tips on what you can expect if you want to buy a foreclosure. (more) 
Published July 10, 2008

Short Sale Success: As much as I would like to see short sales become a thing of the past there is some satisfaction in helping homeowners, who are having financial difficulties, avoid a foreclosure. . (more) 
Published June 04, 2008

Sacramento Real Estate Market Improving: The real estate market in the Sacramento area, sometimes referred to as the Capital Region, is showing signs of improvement.  But everything is not rosy and you have to look closer to see where the improvements are coming from. (more) 
Published May 21, 2008

Warmer weather brings out buyers!: As we move into the first weekend of the year where we may have real warmth,  it isn’t only the weather that is warming up, the struggling Sacramento real estate market is too. (more) 
Published April 9, 2008

Six Steps to a Successful Short Sale: A short sale is where the sales price of the property is less than what the seller still owes and the lender is willing to accept less than they are owed.   (more) 
Published March 12, 2008

Apple or Orange?: Sacramento real estate agent Julie Jalone answers, “If they think my home is overpriced, why don’t they offer me something lower?” which may be the most common question heard by Realtors around the Sacramento area.  Find out what she says!   (more) 
Published February 29, 2008

Where can we afford to buy?: If you live or want to live in California you have a greater probability of being able to afford an entry level home in Sacramento than almost any other area of the state. (more) 
Published February 23, 2008

Short Sale Questions: The main stream media continues to be rich with stories about the struggling real estate market, here in the Sacramento area as well as across the country.  They generally revolve around the increasing number of foreclosures, the mortgage crisis and now some of the government programs that may or may not be any help.  What I am not seeing is any mention of short sales.   (more) 
Published February 10, 2008

Sacramento sellers need more: I don't understand your cheerleading on low interest rates: wasn't it cheap money that got us into this mess it the first place?  This was a comment I got on my recent post, “Rates Fall – Price Dropped - Broker Agent.”  My first reaction was to think, “I’m not a cheerleader.”  Then as I started to think about what my reader said I realized I don’t think low interest rates in the early 2000’s were the driving force behind  the correction or downturn in our Sacramento real estate market and I don’t believe they will play a significant role in any recovery. (more) 
Published January 25, 2008

Waiting for a Reward: I have been avoiding doing a prediction article or blog entry for 2008 because everyone else has been doing them.  But since I have been reading many of these predictions from national and local real estate pundits I thought it might be interesting to at least give a general overview of what they are saying about real estate in our local Sacramento area, California and nationally. (more) 
Published January 15, 2008 

Cost up + Attractive Rates = Increased Mortgage Applications: Even though tougher standards drive up the cost of homeownership, with very attractive rates the number of mortgage applications are up.  Even borrowers with decent credit are beginning to feel the mortgage crisis pinch.  Fannie Mae, soon to be followed by Freddie Mac, has imposed an extra 0.25 percent upfront charge on all new mortgages that it buys or guarantees. (more) 
Published December 12, 2007

No Honor for Agents: Prestige is defined as honor, awe, or high opinion inspired by or derived from a high-ranking, influential, or successful person or product.  Unfortunately, real estate brokers apparently have very little prestige according to a recent Harris Poll completed in August.  According to the poll firefighters, scientists and teachers top the list as most prestigious occupations and bankers, actors and real estate agents are at the bottom. (more) 
Published November 30, 2007

No Breeze for Buyers!: We have all heard it and most of us have said it, this is a buyer’s market.  There are thousands of homes on the market, asking prices continue to decline and the number of active buyers is small.  All of this should combine to make buying a breeze for homebuyers.   My latest client buyers, Joe and Laura, found just the opposite. (more) 
Published November 14, 2007

How low can we go?: Another month of real estate sales in the Sacramento area and another month where the media is reporting, “lowest since…”  Yes, September sales in the greater Sacramento area were the lowest yet in for the eight county region of Amador, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba during 2007. (more) 
Published October 19, 2007

Location: As we get ready to say good-bye to September it would be difficult to have not heard or read about slowing real estate sales.  It seems to be everywhere in the past few weeks, newspaper headlines, internet news, now even, “Slowing homes sales causing big problems, details at 11.”   (more) 
Published September 27, 2007

Foreclosures and the future: The SacBee reported on Friday that homeowners are losing their homes at an alarming rate compared to total sales.  In the Jim Wasserman article, “Foreclosures gain on sales,” it was pointed out reported, “For roughly every two homes sold in August in the capital region, one house went into foreclosure.” (more) 
Published September 15, 2007

Only Time will Tell: According to the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) the number of households who can afford to buy and entry level home in the State increased to 24 percent at the end of the second quarter this year.  Considering what has been happening in our Sacramento market the increase of only 1 percent from a year ago was surprising.(more) 
Published August 29, 2007

Looking Back:  It was just about this time two years ago when the Sacramento real estate market began to change.  In a recent press release from Trendgraphix they compared where we are today with the peak market in the summer of 2005.(more) 
Published August 18, 2007

Sacramento Real Estate - Different this summer:  This morning in the Sacramento Bee, Jim Wasserman had one of his best stories in a while.  I think he articulated very well what is happening in our Sacramento area real estate market and why it is a buyer’s market. (more) 
Published August 14, 2007

Two Years of Change:  It is amazing the amount of change we have seen over the past two years in the real estate market.  Not only here in the Sacramento area but nationwide.  It was just two years ago this month  (more) 
Published August 3, 2007

Why do we have pictures on our cards?: I suspect there is not a Realtor who has not been asked why we have our pictures on our business cards.  My most frequent response has been something about it being a custom in our industry and as I rattle that off it doesn’t make me very independent or strong.  I want and need a better answer! (more) 
Published June 29, 2007

Short Sales: Road to Riches?: With the changes in our Sacramento real estate market there has been an increase in foreclosures and I have been seeing advertisements and getting more questions about “short sales.” (more) 
Published June 13, 2007

The worst may be over?: My husband and I are customers and big fans of USAA the member owned financial services company that serves military personnel and their families.  Occasionally they post some very good articles on their website.  Today I read, “The Housing Bust: Is the Worst Over?” which is an interview with Joe Kalish, a Strategist at Ned Davis Research. (more) 
Published May 3, 2007

No March flowers for Sacramento real estate: 
 There may be some analysts saying the real estate market is recovering but March in the Sacramento area was not producing any flowers.(more)
Published April 26, 2007

Sting of foreclosure: 
Mortgage lenders filed 46,760 Notices of Default during the first quarter of 2007 which is up 8,766 from the previous quarter, a 23.1 percent increase. Compared to the first quarter of 2006 the increase in Notices of Default filings was 148 percent. (more)
Published April 15, 2007

Where are we going?: 
February 2007 results for the Sacramento real estate market. (more)
Published March 12, 2007

The Train to Equityville: 
Last month, 455 people lost their houses to foreclosure. (more)
Published March 12, 2007

Rocklin Real Estate: Cold Winter Days 
During January the number of sales in Rocklin fell from 66 in December to only 49, a month-over-month decline of 25.8 percent. (more)
Published February 27, 2007

Roseville Real Estate: January Review 
According to the Sac Bee real estate charts there were 101 homes sold in Roseville during the first month of 2007.  This was an expected decline from the December where we have a number of transactions that are closed before year end. (more) 
Published February 25, 2007

Sacramento Real Estate: As well as can be expected
Coming off of the year we went from a super heated market to stone cold the big question in real estate circles is how the Sacramento market will perform in 2007. (more) 
Published February 16, 2007

Down Year for Sacramento Real Estate
The past year, 2006, marked the lowest volume of annual sales since 1999 with less than 47,000 new and existing houses and condominiums sold in the four county Sacramento area. (more) 
Published January 20, 2007

Better Than We Thought: Sacramento in March
It was no surprise the number of homes in the four county Sacramento area increased during the month of March from what we experienced in February.  It was also not hard to predict that the number of homes sold in March would be less than a year ago. (more)
Published April 22, 2006

Bright Spot in Sacramento Real Estate  Market
A look at the February numbers for the four county Sacramento area real estate market is encouraging but I have reservations about being overly optimistic. (more)

Slow January in Sacramento Real Estate
The month of January has historically been the slowest month for existing home sales in the Greater Sacramento area but last month is sunk to the lowest level in the past six but it still may not tell the tale of 2006. (more) 
Published - February 28, 2006

Buying a Home:  The Agent
Buying or selling a home is one of the most important transactions in a person's life.  Therefore it is undeniably important that you work with someone whom you feel has the expertise and personal integrity to make your transaction as pleasurable and stress free as possible. (more)
Published - August 30, 2005

Inventory News - April 2007
During the past two years we have seen available inventory grow and prices fall.  When inventory built to record highs last August I was relieved to see it start down. (more)
Published April 8, 2007

My For Sale Sign: The Journey Begins
You drive by one day and there it is, a for sale sign, planted in the neighbors yard or, in this case, posted on their carport wall.  You think this is sudden, you didn’t even know they were considering moving. It really didn’t just happen overnight.  Successful home marketing starts months before you see the sign and is the result of planning, preparation and teamwork. (more)
Published February 10, 2007

Selling a Home: Should you have an Open House?

Can anyone remember when open houses were not used to help sell a home?  Holding an open house is not a primary marketing tool to sell a home and more agents are saying they are a waste of time.  Is there any value in an open house?  What are sellers saying?  What do agents really think about sitting on homes?  What, if any research is there and some observations by Julie Jalone. (more)

Published March 28, 2006

Fear of Buying a Home
Buying a home is a major decision.  For most of us it is the largest financial transaction we have in our lifetime.  Based on those comments it is easy to see why some potential buyers have a hard time pulling the trigger. (more)
Published March 24, 2006

Buying a Home: Lender Letters 

What do pre-qualification and pre-approval letters accomplish and what is the difference between them? Learn the difference in lender letters and how they are used to make buying a home easier. (more)

Published - March 13, 2006

Selling a Home: Pricing for Results
Every home seller wants to get the highest price possible but setting the price too high, even if you are willing to take less, may not be the best strategy. (more)
Published - March 3, 2006

Selling a Home:  Remove Clutter
Most sellers understand keeping a home clean and picked-up but have difficulty understanding how to really remove clutter. It is more than keeping the house neat.  Try some of the following and impress your agent and, more importantly, potential buyers. (more)
Published - February 15, 2006

Buying a Home:  Reports and Inspections 
When you are buying a home it seems like there are so many reports and inspections needed. You are advised to get the home appraised, inspected, checked for termites, surveyed and so on. Why are there so many different reports? (more)
Published - February 10, 2006

Does Your House Have Curb Appeal
People often focus on how to decorate and improve the interior of their homes to reflect their personal taste.  They often overlook the possibilities for improving the exterior of their home - its curb appeal. (more)
Published - January 31, 2006

What You Need to Look for During Your Final Walk Through
Yes it is exciting to go on the final walk-through but lest look at a few points you want to make sure you pay attention to. (more)
Published - January 28, 2006

Shopping for a Lender
Make sure you are working with an experienced, professional loan officer.  The largest transaction of your life is far too important to place in the hands of someone who is not capable of advising you properly and troubleshooting the issues that may arise along the way.  But how can you tell? (more)
Published - October 15, 2005

Buying a Home: What Happens Next? 

The offer on the home of your dreams has just been accepted!  What happens now? (more)

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